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How to install solar street lights?

The installation of our street lights are very simple and wouldn’t require you to rack your brains. For installing integrated solar street lights first you need to set up and fix the pole. Each light is mounted on a standard galvanised pipe concreted in the ground or other similar poles depending on aesthetic or standards requirements. Depends on the location a pole with 3-5 meters long is appropriated. Then put the integrated solar light into the pole, fasten the screws with the screwdrivers and switch the light. All lighting should comply with any Council outdoor lighting rules.

How long will the batteries last for solar street lights? When would I need to replace my solar battery? How often this should be done?

The batteries of solar street lights can last up to 5 to 7 years life span. Generally, if the individual requires the street light to perform at full capacity, it would be ideal to replace it every 2 years.

What are the different components of solar street lights?

A street light comprises of different components which are critical for its working. It includes solar panels, LED luminary, lithium-ion battery, PIR motion sensor, controller and the pole itself.

Benefits of solar street lights

  • Low maintenance
  • Cost-effective
  • Environment friendly
  • More efficient and can be transported easily
  • Handy solution to lighting problems