Solar Street Lights Benefits

Solar street lights can become a long term solution for replacing traditional street lighting across the globe.
Especially for the countries which benefit from natural sunlight, it is a reliable, cost-efficient and low maintenance option.

The process of trenching, cabling and connecting to the grid is a time-consuming and expensive operation for countries who want to bring the light to distance urban or rural areas.
Solar street lights providing off-grid lighting for areas where access to power is difficult. It can easily be installed and the maintenance cost is low.
They are environment-friendly with zero carbon footprint which causes it becomes a reasonable option for many scenarios.

solar street lights
solar street lights

Emerging new and advanced technologies in solar lighting products persuades decision-makers to seriously think about utilising those products more than ever. Some of the technologies are :

Adaptive Lighting System (ALS2.0): Which enables automatic adjustment of the lights based on the weather conditions,
Temperature Control System (TCS): This feature is really helpful to make solar street light a reliable product by continuous monitoring of battery to avoid overheating.
Variable Frequency Technology (VFT): Which monitors and adjusts LED driver frequency which leads to maximising battery output.