Solar Pole Lights | How to Choose the Right Light

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How to Choose the Right Solar Pole Lights

Pole lights can do an amazing job of illuminating outdoor spaces and improving safety during the night. Whether you’re using them for your garden spaces, walkways, commercial spaces, or even a dark neighbourhood street, a pole light can help illuminate while bringing the character to any space.

When you’re in the market for LED pole lights, you should always consider solar lights.

Firstly, they are both cost and energy-efficient.

Secondly, they are unbelievably easy to install and maintain.

Finally, solar pole lights are cheaper and often easier to maintain than wired LED pole lights.

Once you’ve realised that you need to purchase solar pole lights, there are a few important considerations that go towards making the right choice.

The following is a detailed guide, created to ensure you make the right decision when choosing solar lights for poles.

Consider the Brightness

Researching solar pole lights, you will find that people are constantly bringing up ‘brightness‘.

This is for good reason, you don’t want to buy a solar pole light and find that it’s either too bright or not bright enough.

That’s why you should always consider the level of brightness you need for your outdoor space.

We will make this easier for you.

Whenever you are checking the specification of solar light for poles, look for the word ‘lumens‘. It is the unit for indicating the brightness level of light.

Anything below 80 lumens is considered dim lighting. This would be the brightness level you’d go for if you were buying the solar pole lights for decorative purposes only.

From 80-1000 lumens, it’s considered average brightness. If you are looking for bright solar pole lights, then you should choose a solar light with more than 1000 lumens of lighting.

Think about the Battery Life

As you already know, solar lights do not need a complex electrical wire setup to run. Solar lights run on batteries, where the solar power is stored throughout the day. So, a bigger battery capacity means that you will have more hours of lighting during the night.

It’s not a surprise that Australia’s weather can be quite unpredictable. It can be rather hard to find enough sunlight on continuous rainy days. That’s why we would recommend solar pole lights that can provide 6-7 nights of continuous lighting on a full charge.

The duration of the night might differ based on the state you’re living in. So, you can always ask the supplier about the specific hours of battery backup. It will give you a more precise specification. We recommend that a good solar light for poles would give a minimum of 30 hours battery life on a full charge.

Go for Smart Features

Solar lighting technology has come a long way in the last 5 years. To get the most benefits of the current technologies, consider purchasing solar pole lights with smart features. They can be a little on the expensive side, but they will be a positive long-term investment.

When we say smart features, we mean automation. There are solar lights for poles that have motion sensors. They will only illuminate when there is movement nearby, thus giving you a more energy-efficient approach. Some lights automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. It saves you the trouble of turning on the solar lights manually every night.

You can also find solar lights for poles that can be operated through remotes or even mobile apps. It gives you the flexibility of changing the lighting modes, brightness, or turning it on and off from anywhere. Some solar pole lights also have auto-adjustable features. It means that the solar lights will automatically adjust their brightness level to give you longer-lasting battery life.

The choice of smart features depends on your preference. But we recommend buying solar pole lights that have at least one of these smart features.

Durability and Warranty

It goes without saying that outdoor pole lights should be able to resist extreme weather conditions. Good solar pole lights should be able to hold out against strong wind, rain, or dust. So, you should always prefer solar pole lights that are waterproof and dust resistant. We highly recommend purchasing solar pole lights that have an IP65 rating.

Warranty is also very important for solar pole lights. When a product has good warranty coverage, it tells you that the manufacturer is confident about the product. It means that you can expect full support from the manufacturer or the supplier if anything goes wrong.

Depending on the price, solar pole lights can have warranties between 1-4 years. We highly recommend buying the solar pole light that has at least 1-year warranty. Some suppliers might provide extended warranty coverage for a small cost. So, it’s always better to look out for those offers.

Let’s Wrap This Up

The information provided in this article can really help you to choose the best possible solar light for poles within your budget. You can also look at our product section to find a good range of solar pole lights. For any advice or help in solar lighting, feel free to contact us. We are Australian’s expert in solar lighting outdoor, and we’d love to help you pick the perfect product for your outdoors.