Solar Garden Lights – Buyer Guide

How To Choose the Best Solar Garden Lights and Landscape Lighting 

Solar garden lights come in a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes and colours. These outdoor lighting fixtures will fit into any garden setting and create an idyllic atmosphere for entertaining or relaxing at night. These lights are easy to install and require no wiring. A solar panel converts sunlight into electricity during the day and stores it in rechargeable batteries. At dusk, these lights automatically switch on using the stored energy.

These solar lights are ideal for maximising your outdoor enjoyment regardless of where you live. Outdoor lighting can also add safety and security to your home or business during the night.

There are many types of solar garden lights and landscape lighting options available today. It is essential to determine the best lighting option for your specific needs. Light quality, adaptability, size, and durability are all factors in the selection process. The following information will assist you in choosing the right solar garden light or landscape lighting that works for you.

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Solar Garden Lights have many benefits, including:

They are highly efficient

It means they use less energy and work longer. Solar garden lights are powered by natural sunlight, so they are incredibly eco-friendly and efficient. You will never need to use your electrical power to run these lights, and you will never need to pay for expensive batteries either. They may cost a bit more than other lighting devices, but they will pay for themselves faster than you think!

They are flexible

You can use them anywhere in your garden, even the furthest and darkest corner of your backyard. Solar garden lights don’t need to be plugged in, so you don’t have to worry about an outlet or extension cord being within reach of the lamp. It means you can place solar garden lights anywhere in your garden without worrying about finding a power source nearby.

They are beautiful and save you money

Because solar garden lights are solar-powered and do not require electricity, they have $0 monthly operating costs.

Even if it’s cloudy out, solar garden lights can provide light throughout the night.

Solar garden lights are very safe

The lack of wires makes solar garden lights safe for children and pets because there is no risk of electric shock or tripping over a wire. In addition, they don’t get hot, and there are no dangerous chemicals involved in their operation.

The first step is to determine your goals

Do you want to highlight specific objects or areas? Do you want a light to radiate from the ground, such as with spotlights? Or do you want a more subtle glow?  
Do you want a light that will give you a little path light, or do you want something that will illuminate your yard so you can enjoy it even after dark? 
Do you want to use solar garden lights for safety, mood lighting, entertainment or accent lighting? For example, if you like to add solar landscape lighting in a garden to create a romantic mood, it might be better to use smaller solar accent lights instead of larger solar spotlight fixtures

Decide on the best lighting for your landscape

Traditionally, the best time to incorporate lighting into a landscape design is during the planning stage, so that electrical wiring can be installed before any concrete or pavers are placed. Unlike conventional electric lighting, you have the option and flexibility to go solar with your outdoor lighting any time you need them. 
Solar garden lights come in many shapes and sizes. They offer a variety of functions, such as security lighting, decorative lighting, pathway lighting and many others.  
Choose from traditional lanterns to modern stainless-steel bollards and string lights for trees. You can choose from a wide variety of colours too. Some solar garden lights include motion sensors so they will light up when someone walks past them or when cars drive down your driveway. There are even solar spotlights with rotating heads that you can aim at whatever you want to highlight in your yard. 
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The main elements to consider when choosing solar landscape lights or garden lights are:

1. The quality of the solar panel, will it operate efficiently in cloudy and low light conditions?

2. The quality of the rechargeable batteries, will it hold a charge for a long period?

3. The quality of the LED light bulb or bulbs, will it provide bright illumination and last for many years?

4. The quality of the finish, will it last for many years without severe corrosion?

5. How much light does each fixture provide and how long does it stay lit? Some lights will only work for an hour or two, while others will last all night.

6. Do you need a motion sensor function on the light? So the light will generally stay off or dim and will turn to bright lighting when motion is detected within 3 to 5 meters distance from the light.

6. How easy is it to install and maintain these lights?

7. Do you want something that is portable and can easily be moved around in your garden? If so, avoid any solar lights that are permanently mounted in the ground as these cannot be moved

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Some of the most popular models of solar lights

Solar floodlights: They are popular because they allow for a great deal of security. Generally speaking, these solar lights are capable of emitting anywhere between 500 and 1000 lumens, which is extremely bright. This makes it very easy to see anything or anyone attempting to break into your home or business.

Spotlights: Spotlights are similar to floodlights and shine a bright light on a specific object or area. These can be used to highlight your home number or a certain tree in your yard.

Pathway lights: Pathway lights are usually small and placed along a walkway or sidewalk to provide light for people walking by.

In-ground lights: In-ground lights radiate from the ground rather than hanging from the top as spotlights or pathway lights do. These lights can create a more subtle glow than spotlights or pathway lights do.

Solar Security Lights: These lights automatically turn on when motion is detected and serve as a security measure by scaring off intruders or alerting you whenever someone is near your house.

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As you have read, choosing the right solar garden light or landscape lighting will depend on your specific needs. It is important to determine the features that are relevant to your situation.  

Solar lights have been an energy-efficient alternative to traditional landscape lighting. They are the best option to save money while taking care of the environment. Since they don’t use any wires, they are safe and easily installed and maintained. By selecting the right light for your needs, you will be able to take great advantage of these handy landscape lights in your backyard or garden setting.