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Solar Pole Lights | How to Choose the Right Light

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How to Choose the Right Solar Pole Lights Pole lights can do an amazing job of illuminating outdoor spaces and improving safety during the night. Whether you’re using them for your garden spaces, walkways, commercial spaces, or even a dark neighbourhood street, a pole light can help illuminate while bringing the character to any space. […]

Outdoor Lighting Ideas, Choose the Outdoor Light for your Exterior


Table of Contents Choosing the best outdoor lighting ideas isn’t difficult. There are just a few things that you need to know to get it right. This article will teach them to you. In the easiest, quickest way possible. So read on, if you need to make some outdoor lighting decision for your home, business […]

Solar Outdoor Lights Questions

Table of Contents In the last 20 years, solar lighting technology has come a long way. Solar lights have “levelled up”  from pretty garden feature to a serious option for outdoor lighting. Modern solar lights are all you really need to illuminate the dark spots in your backyard, outdoor entertaining area and to cook a […]

7 Things You Need to Know about Outdoor Lights

Table of Contents Humans have been hard at work on improving outdoor lighting since…fire. If you’re looking for something a little more modern than fire, and you’re overwhelmed by all the choices, read this. This article is lit. Outdoor Lights Colour Temperature Outdoor lights exist on a spectrum between warm orange-white and cool blue-white. Here’s […]

What Is a Street Light and Why It Is Important?

Have you ever wondered what is actually so special about street lights? Well, these unsung heroes have a story to tell too. Let’s rewind back time to the early ages of the Greek and Roman civilisations. Here, the early forms of street lights were purely established for the purpose of security and safety. Interestingly, these […]

Solar Street Lights Benefits

Solar street lights can become a long term solution for replacing traditional street lighting across the globe. Especially for the countries which benefit from natural sunlight, it is a reliable, cost-efficient and low maintenance option. The process of trenching, cabling and connecting to the grid is a time-consuming and expensive operation for countries who want […]