About Us

According to Geoscience Australia and Australian Energy Statistics, Australia’s current level of solar Energy Consumption is less than 0.1% of Australia’s total primary energy consumption. (Energy, 2019)

To harvest more of this free and renewable source of energy, we need to discover and promote new applications, new devices and new techniques.

Our objective here, in our online shop, is to introduce to our customers in Australia, the most reliable off-grid lighting solutions. We bring to you solar-powered LED lights which have the highest quality in the market and are designed for commercial use. They all are tested by our experienced and trusted electricians and electrical engineers.

Our mission is to facilitate solar energy consumption by providing new and innovative solutions in solar applications, and we started with Solar Street Lighting.

Why Solar Street Lights?

Street lighting is an essential element of smart and modern cities. They play a vital role in the economic growth of towns by lengthening the amount of active time after dark. They are also the key to the safety and security of communities. Through improved lighting, street and outdoor lights facilitate accessibility in all public spaces.

However, in Australia, street and outdoor lighting is the single largest source of carbon emissions from local government. Typically 30–60% of Councils’ Green Gas Emission comes from the street and outdoor lamps! (Street and Public Lighting )

Working closely with electrician and electrical suppliers all around Australia, we make a move to help cities and towns reduce their carbon emission and get closer to carbon neutrality. At the same time, we enhance the safety and beauty of public outdoors.

Solar-powered LED lights are an effective and efficient solution for the problem of ‘Darkness’. Unlike ordinary lights, they are Green, sustainable and environmentally friendly. They are off-grid and independent from infrastructure.

Off-grid lighting solutions offered to you in our shop are:

  • Latest in LED and battery technology,
  • Off-grid with Zero ($0) running cost,
  • Cost-efficient with very low installation cost; save on trenching and electrical wiring,
  • Premium quality, weather-proof, water-proof, and UV resistance with IP67
  • They all are backed by a minimum of 3-years warranty

The latest technologies used in our solar lights are:

  • Adaptive Lighting System (ALS2.0): Automatically adjusts lighting levels according to surrounding weather conditions. It enables batteries to support longer hours of lighting at night and 6 to 8 nights of lighting after cloudy and rainy days.
  • Temperature Control System (TCS): Provides critical battery control system to protect the battery from overheating. It maximises both battery life and output.
  • Variable Frequency Technology (VFT): A technology managing LED driver frequency to maximise the output of LEDs and batteries.

Our vision is to be the most trusted supplier of high-quality, solar-powered, and off-grid lighting in Australia. They facilitate easy and cost-efficient harness of solar energy and have an immediate positive impact on the environment. We are very confident that we will reach this end very soon by serving our customers to the highest standards.

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